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Best Car Wraps

Automotive Protection Application: Paint Protection Film, Car Window Tinting, and Car Wrapping

As much as possible, you want to safeguard your car against paint chipping or corrosion, sun damage, paint oxidation, and dings and scratches. Gone are the days when the only solution to prevent car paint damage was to use an automobile bra which covered a vehicle's front end, that are not attractive and can cause further paint damage over time. With this modern age, automotive innovation have set the birth of superior car paint shielding, which is an attractive invisible option using transparent film covering your car paint and keeping it from elements. It protects your car inside out that can be applied to any painted part surface under constant exposure to various environmental conditions or drafts. Click  Bildekor for more info. 

We are passionate and dedicated in providing the best installation service for your luxury car, so we only invest in high quality luxury paint wraps that include metallic, gloss, matte, carbon fiber, brushed steel, mirror chrome and satin. Car wrapping is the process of transforming the overall look and color of your car by application of large colored adhesive sheets of vinyl film in your car panel or car part. With our best car wraps, we enhance the value of your vehicle, plus you can enjoy the advantage of removing the wrap anytime to be able to return it to its original finish. Choosing the right wrap for your vehicle will keep your car up-to-date with the latest trend and design in the automotive industry, setting up your own style based on your personality and character. We offer superior quality paint protection through our abrasion absorbing car wraps, protecting your car from road debris, bugs, and other dangers or threats on its original finish. For a solid and seamless look, using car wraps is cost-effective compared to re-spraying, as car paint fades overtime and can be scratched, so ensuring that the factory finish is preserved is our utmost priority. In the process of car wrapping, a special bonding agent or adhesive is used in applying the film to the car part's surface, and only experts on this field must do the job, as it requires highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who have extensive experience with car wrapping. Find  bildekor i stockholm today. 

Car tinting protects you and your car from too much heat, reduce eye strain from glare, inferior fading, and protects your valuables as it maintains your privacy inside your vehicle. We have non-metallic film options offering up to 1,000 SPF factors, that include window crystalline window tint, ceramic window films, spectra photo-synchronized window tint and others. Non-metallic nano-hybrid carbon films car tints offers enhanced performance providing insulation and withstanding bubbling, crackling and fading.
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